Quality, affordability and value-for-money backed by a solid no-nonsense warranty ensure your Avalanche bicycle will give you both pleasure and peace-of-mind.

Avalanche bicycles are available in configurations to suit everyone from first bicycles for kids, juniors, BMX’ers, mountain bikers, cool cruisers to dedicated road racers and home-gym spinning machines. Choose from a wide range of cool Avalanche accessories and colour combinations to create the bike that fits your personality and pocket.

Browse the Avalanche Bicycles 2018 promotional brochure online at ISSUU.com by clicking here or download your own PDF from our website and browse it off-line in your own time by clicking here.

Avalanche Bicycles, the lifestyle bicycle brand. Loaded with energy, cool looks and fit right geometry. The perfect choice for cyclists of all ages. Get yours today and we guarantee you’ll… FEEL THE EARTH MOVE.

200+ Accredited Dealers


Over 200 hand-picked dealers situated throughout South Africa, Namibia, Swaziland and Zimbabwe are doing an incredible job to ensure that you receive the professional support and advice you deserve when investing in an Avalanche bicycle. They’ll will also be there for you when you need repairs, spares or accessories to keep your Avalanche bicycle in peak condition.

With a huge range of options available, across all price points, we recommend you choose one of our reputable dealers in your area who will gladly help you choose the bicycle best suited to your lifestyle and budget.

Avalanche Bicycles is a South African company head-quartered in Cape Town, so rest assured, we will be there for you when it counts.

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